Seattle Dentures

If you are finding yourself in need of dentures, you will quickly notice there are plenty of different options available. If you are just beginning to research dentures and the variety of types and styles, you know that it can certainly be an overwhelming task. The following information should help you narrow down what type of dentures or denture services you need, and which options will best fit your lifestyle and your budget. Call us at Seattle Dentures for any questions regarding dentures, whether they are full or partial dentures, or your current dentures need repair.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are for patients who need to replace most of their teeth. There are several different styles available, but the most common type of full dentures can be created utilizing same day service. We at Seattle Dentures can help you and size your teeth. Based on your current teeth and smile, we will create a set of dentures in the same size and color as your mouth. Full dentures are custom fit to the patient.

Partial Dentures

If you only need to replace one or two teeth, you may want to consider getting partial dentures. There are two main options for partial dentures — a cast metal partial denture, and the acrylic partial denture. Cast metal partial dentures tend to be preferred by most patients, but they are pricier than the other partial denture options. Acrylic partial dentures are more affordable for most patients, but they are not always as comfortable. Some patients complain that these dentures are bulky.

Customized Dentures

While customized dentures can be a more expensive option for many patients, it is sometimes the route that patients prefer. Customized dentures are made of more durable material than standard full dentures, and they are specifically designed and crafted just for the patient. If you are younger and will be wearing your dentures for a longer period of time, you might want to consider this option. Customized dentures are known to last longer.

Denture Repair

If you already have dentures and are having an issue, you might want to consider denture repair. Denture repair services include repairing cracked or broken dentures, or helping to adhere the metal better to the denture. Cracks can be reinforced so that they will not break again, or a new denture can be created for you. Call us at Seattle Dentures to discuss your repair options.

When it comes to choosing the type of dentures you need, it is important to not only do your own research but calling us when you have questions. This will help you make the decision that is not only right for you and your body, but also right for your budget and lifestyle. All these factors must be considerations when choosing dentures. Don’t forget to think about your age, stage of life and the different activities you do when deciding on dentures. You will want your dentures to be comfortable and affordable, so that you easily adjust to your new life with dentures.